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Capitol City Self-Advocacy Group

Mission Statement


The Capitol City Self-Advocacy Groupís mission is to assist people with disabilities in learning the meaning of self- advocacy.Being a self-advocate increases independence, self-esteem, confidence and improves all areas of peopleís lives.



Frank Vinciguerra

President of Capitol City Self-Advocacy Group 


Anthony Thibodeau 

Vice President


Roberta Gallant (


Roberta Gallant


Robert Collins

Representative People First of NH Board

Denis Greenwood

Representative People First of NH Board


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†††† Our Capitol City Self-Advocacy Group formed in the winter of 1994.

†††† We are a recognized chapter of People First of New Hampshire

 †††† We discuss issues that are important to people with disabilities.We have testified on many legislative bills regarding issues related to people with disabilities.

††††† We identify training topics and find presenters for topic areas.

 †††† Weparticipated in the re-designation of Community Bridges.

 We attend national and international Self-Advocacy Conferences.

We had a Toastmaster's training event.

We hosted on behalf of People First a Laconia State School event to share stories



The Capitol City Self-Advocacy Group is seeking an advisor

Contact People First of NH at 1-800-566-2128 or, 568-2128




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