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The Restaurant Industry & Employment Opportunities

Guest Speaker: Tracy LaFlower, Olive Garden

Tuesday, February 7, 2012  12:00 - 2:00 

Community Bridges ~ 2 Whitney Road, Concord

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The Job Application Training Event

Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 12:00 - 2:00 Community Bridges 

2 Whitney Road, Concord

This was broadcasted live.  See this training event online 

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September, October & November, 2011

NHAFP has increased membership to include about 18 people including self-advocates, providers, employers and family members.  Two members will be attending the National AFP Summit in November.  Plans are underway for the winter event (same as Fall event!)

Here are points and accomplishments that the State Team has agreed upon and advocates about:

1.    We are more than just a peer support group.

2.   The team believes that all who participate at our regular meetings held monthly (lately meetings are held more frequently) are considered "members".  Each meeting brings new members and we are excited to currently have approximately 18 members.

3.    The members voted to keep the team's name as the New Hampshire Alliance For Full Participation.  People First of New Hampshire remains the organizers of our state team especially as the board of directors has employment as one of their goals.

4.    We have representation on our state team from self-advocates, employers, family members and providers.

5.    In an effort to recruit more business leaders, our winter training event is specifically involving business leaders and employers in our communities to raise awareness of the skills and qualifications of people who experience disabilities, and, to learn from employers about what it is businesses are looking for in their recruitment process.

6.    All members participate in policy, in one way or another.  The longer we stay as a team, the stronger our voices will be heard.

7.    The state team meetings are highly focused on members working toward empowering the individual to want to be employed and to get employed.  No other group, committee or team exists with this focus in New Hampshire.  This makes for a great balance with other groups and committees in our state that are also working to improve higher employment numbers.

8.    The NHAFP team and People First of NH sponsored a very successful 4-part Spring Employment Training Series where about 20 individuals were awarded certificates after learning the nuts and bolts of developing their careers.

9.    The team is working to recruit new team leader(s).  Janet Hunt will stay-on as team facilitator until otherwise noted; however, she is training a new team facilitator.

10. We will improve our communication and reporting with the Alliance For Full Participation.

11. We recognize that we lack direct access to data although the state Bureau of Developmental Services could provide this to the team when we need it.  We encourage and welcome the state's involvement and participation with the existing team.

12. We will be working to network and establish a working relationship with the businesses and employers immediately following our winter event.

13. We will be pursuing the opportunity to provide live internet broadcasting of the winter event and other future meetings and trainings so that more people may participate and have a voice in our state team's work.

14. There will be a survey conducted to obtain results from people who experience disabilities about employment.  The results will be used in the NHAFP state team's planning process for the upcoming year.

15. We have a webpage dedicated to the NH Alliance For Full Participation ( http://www.peoplefirstofnh.org/NHAllianceForFullParticipation.htm) and an established Facebook page promoting the state Alliance (https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Hampshire-State-Alliance-For-Full-Participation/294676710279)


July & August, 2011

NHAFP has been working on the Fall Employment Training Series which will feature business leaders as a panel and members of the NHAFP sharing their work skills.  Members are also trying to determine how to get to the National Summit.

June, 2011 

Relationship with the Alliance For Full Participation as a state team:  People First of New Hampshire board of directors made a decision to stay involved as a state team to the Alliance For Full Participation despite differences on wages and integrated employment.  Members felt that by staying involved, it would continue to allow members to have a voice, which is what self-advocacy is all about.

Feedback from participants of the Spring NHAFP Employment Training Series - What did you like most about the sessions?

  • Presenter, practicing the interviews

  • 30-day plan, video presentation, practice interview

  • I learned how to get a job

  • Enjoyed the dream/future planning session

  • Helped me with better interview skills

  • Assessment test - to find interests, interview skills

  • Tours to employment sites and homework

Here are just some of our participants who received Certificates Of Achievement

April 20, 2011 

February 23, 2011 


January 31, 2011:  Statement To The National Alliance For Full Participation

In reaction to the recent national concerns regarding the divide of the board of the Alliance For Full Participation (AFP) over integrated employment, the New Hampshire Alliance For Full Participation calls for the following action:  

The New Hampshire Alliance For Full Participation (NHAFP) request that ALL members of the board of the National Alliance For Full Participation (AFP) be dedicated to integrated work.   Furthermore, the NHAFP agrees with and supports the AFP Advisory Council’s request to the Alliance that the three agencies of the AFP board (NISH, The Arc of the United States, and United Cerebral Palsy) clarify why they have advocated for center-based and pre-vocational employment, given their commitment to the Alliance for Full Participation.  Until such clarification is received, and ALL members of the board of the AFP are fully committed to its own mission, the NHAFP will refrain from ongoing involvement with the National Alliance For Full Participation.



The New Hampshire Alliance For Full Participation is organized by People First of New Hampshire.  The focus of our state team for this year is employment.

The following team members include:


Bilodeau, Bethany

C.O.R.E Vocational Services

Bolieau, Pat

Individual Employed

Cocozza, Donna

Region 10 Area Agency

Dixon, Jane

Moore Center Services


Individual – Transition Age


Individual Employed

Hunt, Janet

People First of NH

Johnson, Deanna

Region 10 Area Agency

Kelly, Katie

Institute For Professional Practice

Mills, Tammy

People First of NH, Individual Employed


Individual Employed, Transition Age

Sgambati, Frank

Institute on Disability

Skoby, Jan

Bureau of Developmental Services

Sleeper, Denise

Bureau of Developmental Services

Tikkanen, Nicole

C.O.R.E Vocational Services


Current Happenings:  As of January, 2011, the New Hampshire Alliance For Full Participation is planning a series of employment workshops to be offered in the spring for individuals seeking employment and desiring a career.

See pictures and information from the Generation Y Not Conference 2010 for young adult self-advocates on employment!


Interested in joining our state team?

If you are an individual who experiences a disability and is either employed, underemployed or unemployed, or, if you are a service agency, vocational provider, parent, family member, teacher, student, business owner or simply interested in employment in NH, join our email listserve:

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