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The Together Group

In Memory of

James William Kenney III

February 2, 1979- November 20, 2007


James At Softball Softball Heather & James Cookout On Computer


"You will be missed at Together Group as our peer leader."  Michael Freeman

"James always said "hi" to people.  I will miss him."  Heather Staab

"I will miss him.  He was my roommate and I will miss having him as a good roommate.  In the summertime, James and I used to go out for walks together.  Sometimes we'd go to the mall together.  That's why I will miss him very much.  We usually do fun stuff together.  Once we didn't have money to take a cab from the mall, so we walked home.  The next morning, I had tired feet.  He used to work with me on my homework.  We were roommates for 8 years."  Michael Smith

"He played basketball on Oliver's team.  We're going to miss him at practice"  Shane Burke

"I will miss James on the volleyball team and Oliver's team - PLUS Pride."  Josh Conroy

"I miss James because he was always helpful, especially playing Special Olympics and softball"  Phil Beausoleil

"I miss James not coming to Together Group"  Michele Smith

"I played softball with James and he was a good sport in all games.  He liked to tell his funny jokes.  His bee joke at a softball tournament was my favorite.  When I was stung by a bee, James told the bee not to sting his friends."  Samantha Freeman

"I miss James' smile that he always had when he came in the door."  Dan Batten

"I liked it when James gave me two nicknames the first was the Tab Lady.  I'd walk in the room and he'd call me "Trouble". "    Shannon Purple

"He was a good fellow.  In Georgia, we went to the pool and I went to deep part of the pool.  James told me to turn around and walk across."  Donald Couture


We remember James for...

His interest in bugs

Weather Club

Train books

The Chair - This is the chair that James sat in.


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