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HSRI, The Riot!:  Institutions: Close Them! is a timely and powerful film that reminds us of the terrible loss of life, happiness and human potential resulting from over 100 years of storing people away from their communities. It is clear that institutions have nothing to offer in the 21st Centry. Rather, they are costly monsters that consume limited resources better spent on community-based services that support people to have real lives, real jobs, a home of their own, and real relationships with people they choose - just like anyone else.

Michael T Bailey, Parent & Chair of the National Disabilities Rights Network:  With this film People First of New Hampshire has made a strong contribution to human rights.  Segregation and isolation of any group is barbaric.  It is past the time where institutions for persons with intellectual disabilities be placed where they belong - history's garbage dump.  Thank you for your leadership.

Dr Kathy Ellem,  University of Queensland, Australia:  A courageous act of people with disabilities who speak of ther experiences in institutions.

Karen Hedly, ACT, Canberra City, Australia:  Sad and disturbing yet incredibly uplifting film!

Jenny Slater, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK:  A brilliant and moving documentary - thank you

Paddy Turner, Sheffield Hallam University: The contrast is stark: misery versus happines; the choice is simple: cease institionalising, close institutions

Matt Nalker, The ARC of Mississippi Your film and the people in the film have re-energized me to double our efforts in providing community supports needed to keep people out of institutions. 

Mark Smith, Muroe-Myer Institute: It's about time.

Kathy Bates, NH Developmental Services Quality Council:  An ordinary life is what is truely important! Everyone in this film is surounded by people who love and care about them. Living in a community we are connected to each other while still being able to make choices for ourselves. This could never happen in an institution.

Liz Weintraub, Nationally known self-advocate:  Very powerful...everyone should see it.

Vicky Overpeck, CQL:  For 30 years, I worked in a state institution in various jobs. I was always troubled by the treatment and lack of respect for the people who lived there. When I became the Rights Officer and the adviser for our People First group and began to work with the state group, Texas Advocates, it opened my eyes to the possibilities for people - just like those that lived in the institution - to live, work and play in the community of choice. I have seen institutions at their worst (1960's) and although there have been improvements, the institution is still not a good place to live. I would not want to live there!

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